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Prayas Industries Limited
Prayas Industries Limited

Iron and Steel Industry :

From the beginning of human civilization we have been using Iron and Steel products. As we know all that we use Iron and Steel products from home appliances to railway industry and in the others relevant industries. The Indian Iron and Steel industry becomes one of the key industries in India now a days.

After its independence, India governments have supported the industry and spontaneously stretched for its development. And with the help of technological support of foreign countries this industry has developed rapidly.

We can easily fulfill all the necessary conditions that require for set up Iron and Steel company like cheap man power, rot irons, lime, manganese, water, power etc because of its geographical location. And we can easily penetrate into the market because of its huge demand.

On 16 acres Land at Birbhum District, West Bengal.
Expected Project Cost Rs.100 Crores.
Our Products
Home appliances, TMT Bar etc.